Turd Wranglers

You've got questions? We've got answers!

  • We use a powerful, super-concentrated dual action odor eliminator with yucca, a natural deodorizing agent and biological enzymes that specifically targets outdoor pet waste and other odors penetrating deep down to the source. Even skunk spray is no match for our professional strength bio-enzymatic solution. Works wonders on grass, artificial turf, gravel, concrete, brick, decking and other outdoor surfaces.

  • Paw & Barefoot Safe: Our deodorizing process erases offensive odors without leaving behind irritating and inflammatory residue. This product does not contain any harmful enzymes.

  • Long-Lasting: Thanks to our super-concentrated formulation, one treatment can last several weeks.

Inclement weather doesn’t stop your pooch from doing his business, and it doesn’t stop our Wranglers from doing their either. We aim to stick to our commitments rain or shine. However, if there’s a lot of snow on the ground that prevents us from being able to spot waste, or if conditions are hazardous, we will resume services the following day.

Our crew loves meeting and hanging with your furry friends while they work. However, if your dog is more of a watchdog, or may not be happy to see us encroaching on their territory, we ask you to kindly keep him/her inside until we’ve left the property.

We aim for 100% satisfaction and won’t rest until you’re happy! If ever you feel dissatisfied with the job your Turd Wrangler does, just let us know and we’ll either refund your visit or your next one is on the house. Cancel your service at any time.

While we happily service all yards, we can’t clean what we can’t find. So for us to be able to keep our promise to find every last mess, it’s highly recommended that you keep your yard as maintained as possible.

Typically, we’re in and out of there in under 15 minutes. However, bigger yards, multiple dogs, and other circumstances may keep us there a few minutes longer.

We are strictly outdoor cleaning pros and must be able to access your yard without entering your home.

Yep! We’re happy to hose off decks (if hose is provided) and clean up side yards as well.

Most of our clients are OK with us double-bagging and tightly securing the waste and placing it their garbage can when we leave. However, if you’d prefer, we are happy to take it with us. Just let us know!

We provide a 15% senior citizen and military discount. Just provide your identification! We also offer a 10% discount on a 6 month plan commitment, and a 15% discount on a 12 month plan commitment. Us the “Contact” form if interested in setting up a special plan!

We’ll shoot you a text when we’re 10-15 minutes away, and we’ll send you a picture/text of your closed gate, so you know that we’ve gone, and your property is secure for your dog(s).

We’ll text or call to see if there is a way to get the job done. If we cannot, you’ll be charged your weekly service fee.

We donate 5% of our profits to local animal rescues and shelters. If there is one that is close to your heart, please let us know! Also – Treat and toy bags coming soon!